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In order to handle your case personally and efficiently, please schedule an appointment to see your specialist. For more information on how the Polk County Child Support Agency can help establish paternity, obtain Child Support Court Orders and enforce Child Support Court Orders, please write or call our office at the address and phone number below.

Departmental Mission:

The Polk County Child Support Agency is committed to providing services to children in receiving financial assistance from both parents through establishment and enforcement of child support orders, and the establishment of paternity.

Departmental Function:

The Child Support Agency administers the State of Wisconsin’s Child support program for Polk County consistent with those federal mandates found in the Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and state mandates found in Wisconsin Statute Sections 49.22 and 59.53(5) and (6). The Agency is responsible for:

  • Establishment of paternity, collection of birthing costs and genetic tests;
  • Establishment, enforcement and collection of court orders for the payment of child support and health insurance;
  • Establishment and enforcement of interstate child support and paternity cases;
  • Locating absent parents; and Enforcement and collection of foster care/substitute care orders.

The Agency provides such services to those parents and legal custodians of children who apply for and receive public assistance benefits from the State of Wisconsin and other states. The Agency also provides such services to those parents and legal custodians who apply for child support services yet receive no public assistance benefits. Some examples of collection and enforcement activities include processing of income withholding notices, intercepting income tax refunds and unemployment benefits, seizing accounts, garnishing per capita payments, and prosecuting court cases to impose contempt and jail sentences.

If you have questions about about the Wisconsin Child Support Program, please click HERE for the Bureau of Child Support.

Individuals who do not currently have a child support order that is enforced by the Child Support Agency may file motions with the Court on their own behalf. Nowadays, individuals are allowed to file the necessary forms with Court without the need of hiring legal representation. These actions are called "pro se", or self-representation.

For information on self-representation (pro se), please click HERE.

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We ARE NOT allowed to give legal advice. For assistance in locating a lawyer, please call:

Lawyer Referral and Information Service
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Also Available:
State Public Defender's Office
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Methods for Receipt of Child Support

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