County Surveyor Records

Type of Surveys & Access
Map of Survey (MOS)
Map of Surveys are prepared by a Licensed Wisconsin Land Surveyor and are filed in the County Surveyor Office.

Certified Survey Map (CSM) - Information
CSMs are prepared by a Licensed Wisconsin Land Surveyor and are recorded (statute 236.34) in the County Register of Deeds Office.

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Index of recorded and non-recorded surveys and survey-related information.
  • Copies of all other non-recorded surveys may be obtained at the Land Information/Surveyor Office.
  • Copies of all other recorded surveys may be obtained at the Register of Deeds Office.

State Statutes
Chapter A-E 7
Minimum Standards for Property Surveys
County surveyor; duties, deputies, fees.

PLSS Corners
Tie Sheets
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Survey Control Finder
Use this, Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office, application as a central point of access for locating Wisconsin control data (federal, state, and various counties.) Features include multiple search options, links to available tie-sheets, and download options.

Original Government Field Notes and Plat Maps
From the State of Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands Website. click HERE

Records Filed in the Surveyor Office
  • Highway Right-of-Way Maps
  • Historical Town Maps and Property Ownership - Work Project Administration (W.P.A.) Books 1930's
  • Map of Survey (MOS)
  • PLSS Tie Sheet Record Books
  • Railroad Right-of-way Maps
  • Town Road Records

Surveyor Field Notes
  • 1856-1869 Survey Records (Volume A)
  • 1869-1882 Survey Records (Volume B)
  • 1869-1883 Survey Records for Highways (Volume C)
  • 1877-1886 Worthy Prentice (Volume D)
  • 1887-1894 S.M. DeGolier & S.W. Jones
  • 1900 Henry Tuttle (Town of McKinley, Remonumentation)
  • 1900 (Re-survey of Balsam Lake Islands)
  • 1901-1916 WM H. McCourt
  • 1908 (Town of Georgetown)
  • 1923-1944 Christian P.A. Jenssen
  • 1947-1856 Richard Andrews
  • 1960's-1970's Herbert Johnson
  • 1960's Holm & Simonet
  • 1977-1982 Ronald F. Johnson
  • 1983-1996 Ronald Hoffman
  • Grubb & Caneday (Volume A, B, C, & D)
  • Raymond W. Buggert
  • Various Years - Miscellaneous Records

County Surveyor
Steve Geiger
(715) 485-9260

  Land Information Technician
Tracy Klatt
(715) 485-9203

Office Hours
M-F, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Department of Land Information
Polk County Government Center

100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 130
Balsam Lake, WI 54810