Parcel Mapping

Why Parcel Mapping?
In the public sector, governments administer and make policy through the creation of and maintenance of land records that are associated with a parcel of land. Thus the parcel is often the basic administrative unit of local government. Parcel maps are developed at many levels of government and by the private sector.
Parcel maps help facilitate administration, zoning, building and site development, flood control, lake and stream erosion control, and the planning, design and construction of roads and public works. In the private sector, parcel maps are useful to attorneys, appraisers, assessors, surveyors, engineers, and utility corporations as a means to inventory land holdings and index land records. Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office (SCO)

A parcel is produced by using the best available information on record which may include recorded deed descriptions, plats, certified survey maps, and maps of survey.  Using Coordinate Geometry, a method of defining geometric features through the input of bearing and distance measurements, we can map together parcel ownership of land throughout Polk County.

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LogoWGX   This Polk County WGXtreme interactive map application allows users to search for Parcel Mapping Records (real property) and display associated information, maps, and county aerial images.
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Parcel Map Disclaimer
A parcel map doesn't replace an actual field survey. All data provided is considered preliminary in nature; Polk County is not responsible for any errors or omissions. It is the responsibility of all users to verify the data provided on this website.

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