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PLSS Tie-Sheet Records - Access Point
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PLSS Tie-Sheet Record - Search Instructions
Use the Polk County WGXtreme interactive map application to search for Tie-Sheets.  There are six different types of Tie-Sheet monument corners to search for: Center, Meander, Quarter, Section, Witness, and Tie Sheet.

Step 1
Once you have entered the site, click the Dept Maps tab and choose Surveyor from the drop-down list.  From here you have two options to search for Tie-Sheets.

Step 2
You can open the Tie-Sheet Search window on the left side of the site and search by the Wisconsin Corner Point Identification System PLSS ID: number or by Town, Range and Section number.

You can also use the Identify tool, above the map screen, to select one of more monument feature on the map.  You can click on or draw a box around one or monument map features to retrieve a results list.  Please note: The PLSS monument feature display at a scale of 1:100,000 or closer.

Step 3
In the results list, click on a record to view the PLSS Corner Feature Information window.  Within the window, click on the PLSS ID link to open the PDF image of the Tie-Sheet.
PLSS Corner Feature Information

Please note: not all tie sheets may be available at this time online.  Please contact the County Surveyor to obtain information on missing tie-sheets.

All data provided is considered preliminary in nature;  Polk County is not responsible for ANY errors or omissions.  It is the responsibility of all users to verify the data provided on this website.

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