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Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) 
Polk County adopted new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in September 2011. The maps have not changed significantly but technology/mapping methods showing details have improved.

FEMA Flood Map Service Center 
If you live adjacent to a water body, these new maps may have prompted your bank or mortgage company to send you a letter requiring you to buy flood insurance. If you have not previously been required to carry flood insurance, maps showing the floodplain can be found at FEMA Flood Map Service Center.

View Land Records Online Portal
The flood hazard boundaries can also be viewed on Polk County’s Beacon Land Records Online Portal (Interactive Map).  Under the map layers, click on the Natural Resources / Conservation group and choose Floodplains to view their boundaries.

If your dwelling shows up in the floodplain, but you feel this is an error, FEMA has setup a process to have the structure removed from the floodplain and eliminate the need for flood insurance. In most cases this will be a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). It may require you to contact a private land surveyor. An overview of map change processes and the forms required for map changes, to avoid flood insurance, are found at FEMA's LOMA process website.

Polk County Regional Flood Elevations
Determined by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource
Waterbody Elevation Datum
Apple River Amery Dam to Highway 46 – 1066.0 NGVD-29
Balsam Lake 1135.34 NGVD-29
Big Butternut Lake 1215.4 NGVD-29
Cedar Lake 921.0 NAVD-88
Clam Falls Flowage 1029.4 NGVD-29
Largon Lake 1246.7 MSL
Little Butternut Lake 1210.3 NGVD-29
Long Lake 1152.08 / 95.68 NGVD-29 / DNR BM
Lotus Lake 95.4 DNR BM
Sand Lake 1124.0 MSL
Wapogasset Branch Cross sections from 138th St to 140th St NGVD-29
Wapogasset Lake 1028.2 / 99.4 NGVD-29 / DNR BM
White Ash Lake 1123.08 USGS

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