Who Should I Contact For?

General zoning information, to check regulations, setbacks, septic certifications, and appointment scheduling please contact the main zoning number if you cannot determine your staff representative.
Polk County Land Information Department: 715-485-9279

Land use permits and code enforcement in the Towns of Balsam Lake, Eureka, Laketown, Luck, Milltown, Saint Croix Falls, and Sterling
Wynter: (715) 485-9111  wynter.chmielewski@polkcountywi.gov

Land use permits in the Towns of Black Brook, Clear Lake, Clayton, Lincoln, Apple River, and Beaver
Kara Koch: 715-554-7734  kara.koch@polkcountywi.gov

Land use permits and code enforcement in the Towns of Georgetown, Johnstown, Bone Lake, McKinley, Lorain, Clam Falls, and West Sweden
Logan Hacker: 715-768-9058  logan.hacker@polkcountywi.gov

Land use permits and code enforcement in the Towns of Farmington, Garfield, Alden, and Osceola
Vacant: 715-485-9279

Subdivisions, Board of Adjustment, conditional use permits, or variances
Vacant: 715-485-9279

Surveying, parcel mapping, or land descriptions
Steve Geiger: 715-485-9260  surveyor@polkcountywi.gov

Property listings
Paula Fedder: 715-485-9284  paula.fedder@polkcountywi.gov
Tracy Klatt: 715-485-9203  tracy.klatt@polkcountywi.gov

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Brad Runeberg: 715-485-9256  brad.runeberg@polkcountywi.gov

Community planning 
Vacant: 715-485-9225

Agriculture, manure complaints, soil samples, cover crops, pesticides, erosion, or groundwater 
Eric Wojchik: 715-485-8644  eric.wojchik@polkcountywi.gov
Dane Christenson: 715-485-8630  dane.christenson@polkcountywi.gov

Gravel pits (permits and complaints) 
Dane Christenson: 715-485-8630  dane.christenson@polkcountywi.gov

Abandoned wells
Dane Christenson: 715-485-8630  dane.christenson@polkcountywi.gov

Lake or river water quality, algae, invasive species, or shoreline restoration
Katelin Anderson: 715-485-8637  katelin.anderson@polkcountywi.gov
Colton Sorensen: 715-485-8639  colton.sorensen@polkcountywi.gov

Storm water/erosion control, conservation/cost share practices, engineering, or project bids
Karsten Petersen: 715-485-8638  karsten.petersen@polkcountywi.gov

Vital records, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, or real estate recordings
Main Line: 715-485-9240
Betsy Gerde: 715-485-9259  betsy.gerde@polkcountywi.gov
Rachelle Stowell: 715-485-9249  rachelle.stowell@polkcountywi.gov
Denise Williamson: 715-485-9251  denise.williamson@polkcountywi.gov

Trees, insects, pests, cutting permits, or timber sales
Brent Sisko: Polk County Forester: 715-485-8265   brent.sisko@polkcountywi.gov
Paul Heimstead (WI DNR Forester): 715-410-8316  paul.heimstead@wisconsin.gov

Questions about the ES Division, it’s departments, and other matters
Bob Kazmierski: 715-485-8631  robert.kazmierski@polkcountywi.gov

Related contacts
Polk County Farm Service Agency (FSA): 715-485-3138  fsa.balsamlake@usda.gov
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS): 715-485-3138

Michell Carlisle: (WI DNR Wildlife Biologist):  michelle.carlisle@wisconsin.gov
Cody Knopp: (APHIS) wildlife damage:  cody.t.knopp@usda.gov