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Polk County has compiled a list of foundational GIS datasets for public access.

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Although the data presented has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information contained. The data is a compilation of records, information and data from various local, state, and federal government offices, along with other sources, and should be used for reference only. These datasets are intended for use as a general reference. The data presented are representations and are not intended for legal, survey, or other related uses. Data can quickly become out-of-date due to its dynamic nature. The data could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Therefore, careful attention should be given to the contents of any datasets herein contained.

zip file containing esri file geodatabase

 Jurisdictional Boundaries  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  04/26/2023
 School Districts  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  05/03/2022
 Supervisor Districts  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  01/31/2022
 Unincorporated Villages  Point  DOWNLOAD  01/04/2021
 Ward Districts  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  08/02/2022

Public Land Survey System
 PLSS Control  Point  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 PLSS Quarter-Quarters  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 PLSS Sections  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 Tax Parcels  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Map  Polygon  GO TO SCO  07/27/2022

 Addresses  Point  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 Railroad  Line  DOWNLOAD  03/12/2021
 Roads  Line  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023

Land Use/Zoning
 Lower St Croix Riverway  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  09/24/2019
 Public Lands  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  04/26/2023
 Zoning Districts  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  05/31/2023
 Zoning Shoreland Protection  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  04/26/2023

 Boat Landing  Point  DOWNLOAD  02/14/2023
 Cemeteries  Point  DOWNLOAD  02/14/2023
 Recreation  Point  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 Trails  Line  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023

 Floodplain - FEMA  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  05/21/2021
 Water Stream  Line  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 Waterbody  Polygon  DOWNLOAD  06/26/2023
 Wetland Inventory - DNR  Point & Polygon  DOWNLOAD  05/21/2021

Topography/LiDAR (2015) - hosted at WisconsinView
 Bare Earth LAS Tiles  Point  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Classified LAS Tiles  Point  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Contours 2ft Tiles  Line  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Hydro Breaklines  Line  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Intensity Image Tiles  - -  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Metadata  - -  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Raster DEM County  - -  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Raster DEM Tiles  - -  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Raster DSM County  - -  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Raster DSM Tiles  - -  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Tile Index  Polygon  GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  08/28/2018
 Ground Control Report    GO TO WISCONSIN VIEW  01/14/2019

Interactive Map Application
LogoWGX   View Polk County Interactive Map
This Polk County interactive map application allows users to search for land information, such as real property, and display associated information, maps, and county aerial images.
User's manual

New Land Records Interactive Beacon Platform Coming Soon
Polk County has partnered with Applied Data Consultants (ADC) for 16 years using various versions of their WebGuide online platform to serve our Land Records to the public. The WebGuide application has successfully served the needs of the county and their stakeholders. However, due to a business model change, ADC sold their WebGuide platform to Schneider Geospatial. Since all good things eventually come to an end, we are excited to work with Schneider Geospatial to transition our Land Records to their Beacon platform. Along with serving up our GIS (map), survey tie sheets, and tax roll records, the new platform will include a real property Sales Search and Survey Index Search, which was not offered in the current platform. Tentatively, we anticipate the new Beacon platform will go live in late September 2023 and the WebGuide platform will retire late October 2023. Once the Beacon platform has gone live, a link to the site will be added to this page. Both the old and new platform will run simultaneously for about a month, so you have an opportunity to become familiar with the new product before the old platform is taken down. We believe this modern platform will serve as an asset for research and retrieving Polk County Land Records for many years to come. Click here to learn more about Beacon.

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