Land Information Officer

Est. 1992
County Land Information Director position was created by resolution 30-92

LIO Duties 16.967 (7)
The duties of the LIO are broadly defined as:
  • Coordinate land information projects
  • Prepare and maintain a plan for land records modernization
  • Review and recommend projects (grants) for local governments
A key study by the Wisconsin Department of Administration in 1976 known as the "Larsen Report" identified land records data collection and management as a multi-million dollar activity that begins at the local government level.  In an effort to improve the condition and access to this information, and to reduce duplicative efforts, the state established the Wisconsin Land Information Program in 1989.

Today's efforts to modernize Wisconsin land information, improve its quality, and make it broadly accessible are coordinated and facilitated through county Land Information Offices.  As part of the Wisconsin Land Information Program, each county has a designated Land Information Office, Land Information Officer, and a Land Information Plan that guides local activities.  While each county office may be organized somewhat differently from county to county, all LIOs can be counted on to serve as point of beginning to help find the appropriate county land-related office or service.

Wisconsin Land Information Officers Network (LION)

Steve Geiger
(715) 485-9260

Office Hours
M-F, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Department of Land Information
Polk County Government Center

100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 130
Balsam Lake, WI 54810