Land Records Online

This is a single landing page to various land record search engines.
Search Engines
Polk County has made a reasonable effort to present an accurate view of these records. However, assessment, tax, title, survey and other land records used to compile these databases have imperfections which constrain the accuracy of some data.

Assessment and Tax Records
LogoGCS   Search online for property assessment and tax records by parcel number, owner, property address, public land survey or municipality.

GIS Data
LogoGISDataPortal   Online access to a compiled list of popular GIS datasets for public access.

Interactive Map Viewers
LogoWGX   This interactive map application allows users to search for land information, such as real property, and display associated information, maps, and county aerial images.
Developed by Applied Data Consultants 
LogoRecreationViewer   Where Discovery Awaits!
This interactive map application allows users to discover where public and private recreational amenities are located along with associated information, maps, and aerial images.
Developed by Dept. of Land Information - Division of G.I.S.
LogoSnowmobileTrailTracker   This interactive map application allows users to locate designated snowmobile trails throughout Polk County. Turn on location services to track your location. Trail closers will be posted on this application. However, due to its dynamic nature, information can quickly become out-of-date.
Developed by Dept. of Land Information - Division of G.I.S.

Land Survey Records
Search the Land Survey Index by Section, Town, and Range.
LogoSurveyIndex   Index of recorded and non-recorded surveys and survey-related information.

  • Non-recorded surveys may be obtained using this application, by selecting a survey record, or by visiting the Land Information Office.
  • Recorded surveys may be obtained using the Laredo or Tapestry application or by visiting the Register of Deeds Office.

Land Use and Sanitary Permit Tracking
LogoAscent   Please use this suite to view issued land use and sanitary permits, including pending permits, or report septic maintenance.
How to view the status of my pending Land Use or Sanitary Permit? Guide

Real Property Ownership Document Search
Search by Grantor/Grantee, Document Number, or PLSS recorded documents: Deeds, Mortgages, Satisfactions, Certified Survey Maps, Federal Tax Liens, and Plats

Subscription Service
Provides access to recorded documents in the Register of Deeds. 
Please contact the Register of Deeds office to sign up for the subscription service.

LogoTapestry   Pay as You Go Searches 
Search for recorded documents on a pay as you go basis by credit card.