Land Use Permits

Appeal of Administrative Decision Hearing Application
If you wish to appeal a decision made by the zoning staff to the Polk County Board of Adjustment, please use this application.

Conditional Use Hearing Application
Use this application to apply for a “use” listed as a conditional use on your property. (i.e. event center, nonmetallic mine, commercial uses) This application requires a public hearing held by the Environmental Services Committee and can take up to 6 weeks to complete. 

County Sanitary Application
If you are connecting a new dwelling to an existing sanitary system or installing a non-plumbing sanitary system, please submit this application along with the land use permit application.  Non-plumbing sanitary systems serve dwellings without running water, and may be known as a privy, composting toilet, chemical toilet, etc.

Land Use Application
This is the standard application if you are looking to obtain a land use permit for a dwelling, garage/shed, retaining wall, patio, landscaping, etc.

Rural Address Application
Use this form if you are seeking a rural address/fire number for your property.  This application is also required for a replacement rural address sign.  Rural addresses are typically issued within 2 weeks of site visit, but the signs can take 6-8 weeks before they are installed.

Subdivision Application

Please submit this application along with the Town Checklist and required fee when subdividing a property.

Tourist Rooming House Application

Please use this form when applying for a Tourist Rooming house.  Submit to our office with supporting documents and required fee.

Tower Application
Submit this application for modifying or constructing a new telecommunication facility.

Variance Hearing Application
If your project doesn’t comply with the required ordinance setbacks.  Please submit this application to apply for a reduced setback.  This application requires a public hearing held by the Board of Adjustment and can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Zoning District Change Application
Complete this application if you want to rezone your parcel from one zoning district to another (i.e. Residential to Commercial). Please submit town approval of your rezone request along with your application.

     Zoning District Change Process

Zoning Code Violation Complaint Form
Please submit this form if you want zoning staff to check on a property for compliance with the county’s land use ordinances.

Land Use Permit Tracking

LogoAscent   Ascent Permit Management Suite 
Please use this suite to view issued land use permits, including pending permits. How to view the status of my pending Land Use or Sanitary Permit? Guide

Submitting Application
Submit application in office, by mail, or electronically. 
If sending application electronically, please send to the Zoning Technician.  Remember to attached the application to the email.

Payment Methods
Payment can be made in the form of: cash, check, or credit/debit card.  If paying by credit card, the Zoning Office will contact you for your credit card information after permit review is complete.  
(Please note: a 2.5% convenience fee applies for credit and debit cards)?

Wisconsin Statute Chapters
305966879192145236281287289, and 823

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