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Sanitary Permit Tracking
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Please use this suite to view issued sanitary permits, including pending permits, or report septic maintenance.How to view the status of my pending Land Use or Sanitary Permit? Guide

Wisconsin Licensed Pumpers

Please contact Polk County Zoning to have staff setup a user id for you.  After you receive the user id, you will be able to login to the Ascent program, search for the parcel or property, and file the maintenance report.

Holding Tank Agreement
Please complete this form if you are having a new holding tank sanitary system installed on your property.  The owner who is listed on the agreement needs to have their signature notarized.

Privy Agreement
A privy is a non-plumbing sanitary system that can be used when there is no plumbing in the dwelling.  Please submit the privy agreement along with the county sanitary permit application if you are looking to install this type of system.

Private Onsite Water Treatment Systems (POWTS) Forms
Wisconsin Dept. of Safety and Professional Services

Plumber and Soil Tester List
Wisconin licensed plumbers and certified soil testers

Pumper List
Wisconsin licensed pumpers

When's the last time you thought about your Septic System?

Wisconsin Statute Chapters
59145, and 254

Wisconsin Administrative Code-Chapter SPS
383384385386387, and 391

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