Waterfront Resources

Mitigation/Shoreland Vegetative Buffer Agreement

If you are applying for a land use permit and mitigation is required because you have more than 15% impervious surfaces on the property.  Please complete this document and submit it along with your mitigation plan and land use permit application.  This document gets recorded in the Polk County Register of Deeds office so please include a separate check for $30 made out to Polk County Register of Deeds.

Lake Classification

  • (a) Navigable waters in the county are classified according to criteria established in the Polk County Lakes Classification System, which was adopted by the county board of supervisors on April 20, 1999, and is hereby incorporated herein and made part of this division.

    (b) County waters are classified into three classes:
    (1) Class 1 waters are those that are most developed;
    (2) Class 2 waters are those that are moderately developed and includes all rivers and streams; and
    (3) Class 3 waters are those that are least developed and includes all lakes that are 20 acres or less in  size, and all unnamed lakes not appearing on the DNR publication titled "Surface Water Resources of Polk County." The zoning administrator shall make available a copy upon demand.

    (c) Any named lake inadvertently omitted from the DNR's Surface Water Resources of Polk County will be classified according to available information or Class 3 until information is available.

    (Ord. No. 08-20, art. 9, 4-21-2020)

    Native Plant Lists for Polk County
    More and more people are discovering the satisfaction in beauty and the benefits to the environment of landscaping their homes, schools, businesses and places of worship with native plants. Native plants are increasingly used for gardening and restoring and reclaiming native plant communities. They provide; natural beauty, cost-effective landscaping alternatives, environmental services and habitat for wildlife.

    Images and lists of different types of native plants that would work well in our county.

    Ordinary High Water Mark
    WisDNR Brochure

    Wisconsin Water Law
    A Guide to Water Rights and Regulations

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