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The Polk County Department of Parks & Trails would like to invite you to visit any of the county operated boat landings, dams, forests, parks, and trails. The County Parks are peaceful and scenic with four park shelters and one education building available to rent, and one with primitive camping. The parks are by water with fishing accessibility and playgrounds.

Stop by and visit our many other recreation amenities in Polk County.

Polk County Parks
Please visit the links below to find out information about each Polk County Park.

Park Regulations
Polk County Code of Ordinances 
Ch. 26Art. III - Park Use Regulations 

Park Definition
"Park" includes all lands and water acquired by the county for park or recreational purposes and includes parks on county land managed under Wis. Stats. ch. 28. The term "park" includes all grounds, structures and watercourses which are or may be located within any area dedicated to the public use as a park, parkway, recreation facility, playground, beach, trail or conservancy area in the county.

All parks, special use areas and waysides shall be open to the public throughout the year during the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. each day. No person may enter or be on such lands outside of those hours except for campers in or those who are in route to designated campgrounds or persons transporting watercraft to and from designated boat landings. For purposes of this subsection, the time shall be computed under Wis. Stats. § 175.09 or 175.095, whichever is applicable.

Activities Not Allowed (Partial list)
Hunting, ATV use, picking of any plant species, operating of loud devises, and throwing objects.

Park Rentals
Park Shelters PhotoAppleRiverParkShelter   Park Shelters are available to rent at $50 a day. A park rental agreement will be mailed to you for your signature. Send back the agreement along with the rental payment. You will receive signs to post on the day of your event.
Education BuildingPhotoDDKennedyEducationBuilding   The Education Building at DD Kennedy Park is available to rent at $100 a day, plus a refundable deposit of $150. The building holds about 48 people and includes 8 tables, 48 folding chairs, and 3 benches.
To Reserve a Facility
Call at (715) 485-9249
Email at