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Polk County offers two trails for bicycling. The Gandy Dancer Trail, a 98-mile recreation trail, follows the railroad grade from Saint Croix Falls north to Superior. The Stower Seven Lakes Trail, a 13-mile trail, runs from the City of Amery nearly all the way to the Village of Dresser. The trails have a limestone surface and are groomed throughout the season.

Purchase State Trail Pass

A state trail pass is required for all people age 16 or older biking. A state trail pass is not required for hiking. The annual trail passes are valid through Dec. 31 of the year they are issued. Must be visible when on the trail.
  • $25 Seasonal
  • $5 Daily

Gandy Dancer State TrailMap
Trail uses include bicycling, snowmobiling in winter when posted, and winter frozen ground use for ATV/UTV's only when posted. Snowmobiling and ATV/UTV use is only allowed when the Polk County Forestry, Parks & Trails Department has declared it as open and is posted on the trial. Please remember all ATV/UTV's must be registered or licensed and meet the state definition of an ATV/UTV to be allowed on the trail. Maintaining the integrity of the existing limestone trail surface is of the utmost importance.

  • Southern Trail Segment - WI DNR Link
    The southern trail segment extends 47 miles from the City of Saint Croix Falls to Danbury in Burnett County, paralleling State Highway 35 most of the distance. This segment has a crushed limestone surface, and offers a smooth hard surfaced trail with use limited to biking and hiking from April through November.
  • Northern Trail Segment - WI DNR Link
    The northern segment runs from Danbury, through a portion of eastern Minnesota, and back into Wisconsin before reaching the City of Superior. The 51-mile segment offers a more remote trail experience. Hiking, mountain biking, and ATV use is permitted. No pass is needed to use the north section of the trail, but motorized recreational vehicles must display valid registration.
In Wisconsin, the trail is operated by the Polk, Burnett, and Douglas County Parks Departments, and is owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In Minnesota, the trail is owned and operated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Parking Locations
Polk County Information Center: 710 S Hwy 35, Saint Croix Falls
Centuria Park-Rest Area: 320 Polk Ave, Centuria
Milltown Access: Intersection of 3rd Ave NE & Stokely Rd N, Milltown
Two Eagles Trailhead: Intersection of Trail & W 1st Ave, Luck

Stower Seven Lakes State Trail Map
This county-operated, 13-mile trail, runs from the City of Amery nearly all the way to the Village of Dresser and is used for bicycling, hiking, equestrian use permitted October 1st up to first day of Wisconsin Gun Deer Season, snowmobile, and cross-country skiing. Built on a former railroad corridor, the trail begins at Harriman Ave in Amery, travels through the unincorporated Villages of Deronda, Wanderoos and Nye, ending about one mile from Dresser on 90th Ave. The trail passes through maple and oak forests, wetlands, prairies and farmlands, and past many picturesque lakes. The trail crosses between the North Twin and South Twin lakes in Amery, skirts the south end of Bear Trap Lake and runs along Round, Horse and Lotus lakes near the western end.

The trail is named to recognize the exceptional natural resources the trail traverses and the longtime public service and leadership demonstrated by Amery’s own Harvey and Marilyn Stower. Harvey Stower served in the Wisconsin Legislature and as Mayor of Amery for many years.

Prohibited Trail Uses
ATVs, snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles are prohibited on the trail. The Cattail State Trail, which begins in Amery just east of State Hwy 46 at Center St, is open to motorized vehicles.

Starting 10/1/2023 through 11/17/23 horses are allowed on the Stower Trail.  Equestrian users of the trail are responsible for cleanup of the horse droppings in the parking lot areas. County staff inspect the trail at a minimum of twice weekly to remove any horse droppings from the trail.

Etiquette for Equestrians

All users yield to horseback riders. When encountering a horse, speak in a calm, pleasant tone so the horse hears a human voice. Do not hide. Expect the rider to advise you, not as lack of courtesy, but rather with knowledge of the horse's temperament. Do not approach, scare, harass, or feed wildlife or livestock. Dogs are a potential fright for both people and horses. Pets must be kept on leashes (less than 8' length) and under control. Make sure your horse has the temperaments and training for riding on congested trails. Advise other trail users of your horse's temperament. A horse with a tendency to kick should always wear a red ribbon on the trail and be prepared to explain what the ribbon is for. Obey posted speed/gait limits. Avoid cantering or galloping on busy trails. Know your horse's limitations. Let other trail users know when it is safe to pass your horse. Announce your intention to pass others. Come to a walk and pass on the left. Always pick up after your horse. Keep the trailhead clear of manure and trash. Try to keep the trail clean of manure. Individual trails may require/post that you pick up manure.

Etiquette for Bicyclists 
Ride single file. You can ride two or more abreast if you will not block other traffic. On curving or hilly trails, ride single file. Control your speed. Trials are not an appropriate place for high-speed riding. Obey traffic signs and signals. Use hand signals to indicate left or right turns, slowing or stopping. When passing, go slow and give an audible signal. At night, use a headlight, taillight, and reflectors.

DNR information and E-Bike guidelines:
Bicycle Trails | Wisconsin State Park System | Wisconsin DNR

Parking Locations
Lotus Lake County Park: 2142 90th Ave, Osceola
Nye Rest Area: 732 205th St, Osceola
Wanderoos Rest Area: 1638 68th Ave, Amery
Deronda Rest Area: 1314 65th Ave, Amery
Soo Line Park: 107 Center St W, Amery

State Trail Pass - Wisconsin State Park System
A state trail pass is required for all people age 16 or older biking. A state trail pass is not required for hiking. The annual trail passes are valid through Dec. 31 of the year they are issued. Must be visible when on the trail.

State Trail Pass are available at the following Polk County locations:
City of Amery: Self Pay Boxes on the Trail, City Hall, Ellie's Ice Cream
City of Saint Croix Falls: Information Center
Village of Balsam Lake: Polk County Department of Parks & Trails
Village of Frederic: Historical Society, Public Library
Village of Luck: Natural Alternative Co-Op, Cafe Wren

  • $25 Seasonal
  • $5 Daily

National Trails Day Observed
Polk County observes National Trails Day by offering free use of bike trails the first full weekend in June. State trail passes will not be required these two days on neither the Gandy Dancer Trail nor the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail.
Trail Regulations
Polk County Code of Ordinances 
  • It is unlawful to use trails at any time or for any purpose other than those posted.
  • No person shall ride snowmobiles on designated trails except between December 1 and March 31 when there is six inches of snow.
  • No person shall drive any motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, or go-carts, on any trail at any time or operate off-road motorcycles on a designated trail.