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Somers Lake Recreation Area - Map
3138 100th St County Rd I, Frederic
Polk County offers the Somers Lake Trail for ungroomed cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Somers Lake is a scenic wooded 2-mile closed loop trail 5 miles east of Frederic. The gravel trail is also available all year for hikers and equestrian use that includes an expanded parking lot for trailers.

Etiquette for Equestrians

All users yield to horseback riders. When encountering a horse, speak in a calm, pleasant tone so the horse hears a human voice. Do not hide. Expect the rider to advise you, not as lack of courtesy, but rather with knowledge of the horse's temperament. Do not approach, scare, harass, or feed wildlife or livestock. Dogs are a potential fright for both people and horses. Pets must be kept on leashes (less than 8' length) and under control. Make sure your horse has the temperaments and training for riding on congested trails. Advise other trail users of your horse's temperament. A horse with a tendency to kick should always wear a red ribbon on the trail and be prepared to explain what the ribbon is for. Obey posted speed/gait limits. Avoid cantering or galloping on busy trails. Know your horse's limitations. Let other trail users know when it is safe to pass your horse. Announce your intention to pass others. Come to a walk and pass on the left. Always pick up after your horse. Keep the trailhead clear of manure and trash. Try to keep the trail clean of manure. Individual trails may require/post that you pick up manure.

Prohibited Trail Uses
No person shall drive any motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, or go-carts, on any trail at any time or operate off-road motorcycles on a designated trail.

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