Recycling/Solid Waste

 Polk County Recycling Logo
1302 208th Street    
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
Call: 715-483-1088

(Currently not paying for aluminum.)
*Items listed below are accepted anytime during regular hours Mon.-Thurs. 6:45-4:30.
*Accept credit cards, cash or checks
*Recycling Bin Info (Scroll down)

CLEAN SWEEP – Hazardous Collection at Polk County Recycling Center

* Thurs., Aug., 24th, 2023 2-6:00 p.m. (See Fyler Below)
Management of hazardous waste in Wisconsin | | Wisconsin DNR
Year-round drop-off: Logistics, Somerset: 800-558-1166.

St. Croix County, Hazardous Collection in Hudson, WI:
* Thurs., Sept. 21, 2023 1-6:00 p.m. & Fri., Sept. 22nd noon-4:00 p.m. 

Electronics – 
Accepted during regular hours for a fee of 45¢ per pound. 
* Free Electronic Drop Off: Thurs., Oct. 19th, 2023, 1-5:00 p.m. 

A dual stream source separating facility owned and operated by the county. Offering free drop-off of recyclable items at bins located throughout the county. In the 90's WI recycling laws banned land filling or incineration of recyclable materials. Recycling uses 75-80% less energy when recycled material are made into new products, reduces air & water pollution. Recycling one pop can saves enough energy for 3 hours. Polk County diverts over 3,000,000 lbs each year (total) from ending up in the landfill

Accepted during regular hours: 
(See Below) 
Monday-Thursday 6:45-4:30 p.m.

    Free Items:
  • Liquids: Motor Oil, Antifreeze, & Cooking Oil
  • Yard Waste: Leaves and grass clippings can be dropped off at the recycling center (no bags). Contact municipality for locations on where to bring debris and branches.
  • X-Ray Film: Non-HIPPA X-Ray film
  • Batteries: Button, Lithium, Automotive, and Rechargeable
  • Misc: Scrap Metal, Cell Phones, Printer Cartridges, under 4lb Propane Tanks & Christmas Lights/Extension Cords
    Item Fees: Credit card, cash, & checks are accepted.
  • Electronics: TV’s, laptops, printers etc.. = 45¢ per pound
  • Appliances: (see list on flyer below) = $20 Each
  • Mattresses & Box Spring = $25 Each
  • Tires = 30¢/lb plus $2 per rim
  • Bulbs = $1.00 for Fluorescents / $5.00 for HID, UV, & Broken  
  • Latex Paint = $1.00 per 1 Gallon Container (See Flyer Below)  

Bin Schedule: Locations & Instructions: $200.50 fine for items found outside the bin or not listed below. 
Bags: Not Allowed in Bins. Please dump recyclables into the bins. Bags damage sorting equipment. Caps: leave off or on to prevent smells. They will be removed at center.
Comingle: Bottles & jars made of plastic #1 & #2, Glass, aluminum and tin
Paper: Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, and office paper
Cardboard (flatten): Brown corrugated, cereal, cake, cardboard egg cartons, and paper bags


Recycling Links:

Waste Haulers:
Waterman Sanitation: 715-268-6471
Waste Management: 888-960-0008
Republic Services: 844-737-8254
Roll Off Dumpsters:
3D Dumpsters:
Holdt's Disposal: 715-554-1135
Scrap Metal:
Amery Auto Salvage: 715-268-8322
Deer Lake Auto, St. Croix Falls: 715-483-3388
Gone Green, Frederic: 715-327-8349
All items including Construction:
Barron County Incinerator

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