Medical Collection

pharmafish_001(1)There are two free drop-off sites in Polk County. The Polk County Sheriff's Department offers a 24 hour a day permanent medication drop-off site in Balsam Lake at the Justice Center located on highway 46 across from the Government Center. Public can drop off unwanted or expired medication in a secure locked chamber located in the lobby. The second free drop off location is at Amery Hospital and Clinic. This bin is location on the first floor across from the fish tank.

Medication, both over the counter and prescription, pose a contamination risk to our water supply if not disposed of properly. Medication flushed down the toilet or any drain will enter the sewer system and eventually the lakes and rivers and ultimately the public water supply. This will affect the fish, waterfowl, and plants. Medication thrown in the trash may eventually seep into the water supply as well. Therefore, it is critical to dispose of them properly. 

Both disposal sights are confidential, so other individuals do not know the source. Help protect our water supply and dispose of chemicals properly. 

Recycling medication reduces pollution of waterways and reduces medication abuse or potential poisoning.

If you have any questions on this new program, please call the Solid Waste Office at (715) 485-9294.