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The Wisconsin circuit courts are the state’s trial courts. They have original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal matters within the state. There are currently 241 circuit court judges in Wisconsin. The circuit courts are divided into branches with at least one branch in nearly every county. Polk County has two branches. Circuit court judges are elected to six-year terms in countywide, non-partisan elections that are held in April.

Clerk of Circuit Court Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Polk County Clerk of Circuit Court Office is to assist our Circuit Court and customers in the most efficient and complete manner in accordance with State Statutes and County Policies.


The Clerk of Circuit Court is to follow all guidelines within the Wisconsin State Statutes; perform administrative duties for the courts, including jury management, Court financial management, Court record management, collections and enforcement of all Court ordered financial obligations. Disseminate information to the public on procedures how to file small claims, domestic abuse/harassment/child abuse restraining orders, civil matters and other related activity. The Clerk of Circuit Court office is also involved in record keeping of Court files, monitoring and scheduling of Court cases including but not limited to small claims, civil, criminal, traffic, appeals, collection of fines and court fees also recording liens and judgments.


Our office is committed to serve the Court and the public with integrity and professionalism.

Polk County Clerk of Circuit Court, Sharon Jorgenson is the official record keeper of all circuit court cases which include civil proceedings, criminal cases, divorce proceedings, small claims disputes, requests for name changes, court judgments, and many other types of court cases. The Clerk of Circuit Court is responsible for providing public access to most court files.


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Polk County Justice Center
1005 West Main St,
Suite 300
Balsam Lake, WI 54810

Phone: 715-485-9299
Fax:   715-500-6525

Civil Division Phone:

Criminal Division Phone:

Juvenile Division
Phone: 715-485-9290

Jury/Traffic Division
Phone: 715-485-9216
Jury Call In: 715-485-9242

Small Claims Division
Phone: 715-485-9205

Family/Paternity Division
Phone: 715-485-9204

Chief Deputy

Phone: 715-485-9287

Office Hours;
M-F, 8:30 AM to 4:25 PM

(Counter window closes at 4:25pm)

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