Jury Duty

Jury Service

Welcome to Jury Duty!

Phone Numbers:

Daytime number for questions: 715-485-9227 or 715-485-9299
Jury Message Line- call after 4:45pm: 715-485-9242

Term of Service:

Your jury term will continue for one month as indicated on your jury summons. Wisconsin law limits you to no more than 5 days of service. However, if a particular case requires more time to conclude, your service may be more than 5 days. You are exempt from jury duty for four (4) years after your month of service.


If you absolutely cannot serve these dates and would like a short deferral, please contact the Clerk of Court’s office at 715-485-9227 or 715-485-9299. If any of the following apply at this time, please contact the Clerk of Court office by phone or by writing immediately:

*You are no longer a Polk County resident,
* You served on Jury Duty within the last 4 years, or
*You are on probation or parole for a Felony.

Address Change:

If your residence should change during your term of jury service, we ask that you notify the Clerk of Courts office immediately.

How will I know if I must report for Jury Duty?

A notice will be mailed to you approximately two weeks prior to your month of service. This notice will advise you of the dates for which you have been selected to serve. Polk County uses a Telephone Information Recording to provide you with up-to-date information regarding the status of jury trials. Please call anytime after 4:45 p.m. the evening before each scheduled trial. If you report for jury service after the message indicated it was not necessary to do so, you will not receive compensation, or credit toward your service for that day.

The Juror Telephone Information Service number is 715-485-9242. The message will advise you if a specific case will proceed to jury trial, as scheduled, or is cancelled.

Reporting Instructions:

Please call in according to the list of dates you received with your summons. Please call 715-485-9242, any time after 4:45pm the evening before each scheduled trial. Please listen to the entire phone message; it will give you instructions for reporting, including the time of day to report. Trials will likely begin between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.

General Information:

-Be prompt: tardiness causes delays and wastes time of all involved.

-Please let the Clerk of Circuit Court know if you have any special needs. Call 715-485-9227 or 715-485-9299.

-More questions or concerns about your jury service? Call the Clerk of Circuit Court office at 715-485-9227 or 715-485-9299.