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Find Your Polling Locations, See Who’s on the Ballot, View Sample Ballots and View Election Results on the Website on Election Day - visit the MyVote Wisconsin website: https://myvote.wi.gov. For answers to election questions, please visit the Wisconsin Elections Commission website at: https://elections.wi.gov/

If you are looking to register to vote or to apply for an absentee ballot, please reach out to your municipal clerk or visit myvote.wi.gov 

You may register to vote at the County Clerk's office. From there you will receive further information regarding absentee voting, polling locations, and contact information for your municipal clerk. 

The County Clerk’s office is responsible for elections preparations, publications & ballots for County, State, and Federal Offices for the voters of Polk County. The County Clerk provides information to aid in the programming of the voting equipment for all candidates of municipalities and schools, as well as programming for local referenda.

Town, Village, and City Clerks are responsible for elections preparations, publications and ballot preparation for Town, Village, and City officials or referenda. 

School Election Clerks are responsible for elections preparations, publications and ballot preparation for School district candidates and school referenda. 

County Clerk prepares and distributes ballots for County, State, and Federal offices. Each municipality is responsible for submitting the results to the County Clerk as soon as possible after the polls close. Those unofficial results are tallied here the night of an election and made available to the public and news media.

For Information on Polk County's Supervisory Districts visit the Link Below

2023 Election Schedule

Board of Canvass
The Board of Canvass, comprised of an individual from the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the County Clerk's Office, certify official election results for County contests. 

Notices for 2023 elections- 
February 2/21/23: Spring Primary Notice of Canvass
April 4/4/22: Spring General Election Notice of Canvass

2023 Spring Election Results

  • UNOFFICIAL Election Results for the April 4th, 2023 Spring  Election - click on the links below to view unofficial contest results updated throughout election night. 
  • OFFICIAL Election Results - Federal, State & County contests are posted below following the County Board of Cavass' certification of the results. Official election results for Municipal contests contact the respective Town, Village or City Clerk. For official election results for School District Contests contact the respective School District Clerk. 
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Election Results38 documents

Unofficial8 documents

  • 2022 Fall General Election School Contest UNOFFICAL Results
    document _recordid 3577
  • 2022 Fall General Election Municipality Contests UNOFFICIAL Results
    document _recordid 3576
  • 2022 Fall General Election Federal/State Contests UNOFFICAL Results
    document _recordid 3575
  • 2022 Fall General Election County Contests UNOFFICAL Results
    document _recordid 3574
  • 2022 Spring General Election School Districts UNOFFICIAL Results
    document _recordid 357
  • 2022 Spring General Election Municipal Contests UNOFFICIAL Results
    document _recordid 356
  • 2022 Spring General Election County Contests UNOFFICIAL Results
    document _recordid 355
  • 2022 Spring General Election Federal/State Contests UNOFFICIAL Results
    document _recordid 353

Official30 documents

  • 2023 Spring Primary 2.21.23 State Official results
    document _recordid 3930
  • 2023 Spring General Election 04.04.23 Federal/State/County Official results
    document _recordid 3928
  • 2022 Fall General Election 11.8.22 Federal/State Contest Official Results
    document _recordid 3602
  • 2022 Partisan Primary 8.9.22 Federal/State Contest Official Results
    document _recordid 3468
  • 2022 Partisan Primary 8.9.22 County Contest Official Results
    document _recordid 3466
  • 2012 Fall General & Presidential Election 11.6.12 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 444
  • 2012 Spring General & Pres. Preference Election 4.3.12 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 442
  • 2013 Spring General Election 4.2.13 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 439
  • 2014 Spring General Election 4.1.14 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 437
  • 2014 Fall General Election 11.4.14 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 435
  • 2015 Spring General Election 4.7.15 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 434
  • 2016 Spring General & Presidential Preference Election 4.5.16 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 431
  • 2016 Fall General & Presidential Election 11.8.16 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 428
  • 2017 Spring General Election 4.4.17 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 425
  • 2018 Spring General Election 4.3.18 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 422
  • 2018 Fall Partisan Primary 8.14.18 Polk Official Results Federal/State Contests
    document _recordid 420
  • 2018 Fall Partisan Primary 8.14.18 Polk Official Results - County Contests
    document _recordid 418
  • 2018 Fall General Election 11.6.18 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 416
  • 2019 Spring General Election 4.2.19 Official Results w Town of Clayton, Chairperson & Supervisor Corrected results
    document _recordid 412
  • 2020 Spring Primary & Pres. Preference 2.18.20 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 410
  • 2020 Spring General Election 4.7.20 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 408
  • 2020 Special Election 5.12.20 Polk Official Results - Representative in Congress Dist. 7
    document _recordid 404
  • 2020 Fall Partisan Primary 8.11.20 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 402
  • 2020 Fall General & Presidential Election 11.3.20 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 399
  • 2021 Spring Primary 2.16.21 Polk Official Results
    document _recordid 397
  • 2021 Spring General Election 4.6.21 County Contests Official Results
    document _recordid 394
  • 2021 Spring General Election 4.6.21 Federal/State Contests Official Results
    document _recordid 391
  • Polk County Election & Voter Turnout Statistics Presidential Elections 2021-2012
    document _recordid 389
  • 2022 Spring General Election 4.5.22 Federal/State Contest Official Results
    document _recordid 387
  • 2022 Spring General Election 4.5.22 County Contest Official Results
    document _recordid 384

Polling Locations2 documents

  • Polk County Polling Locations, Updated 1/28/22
    document _recordid 349
  • Polk County Polling Location Map
    document _recordid 347

2022 Spring County Board Candidate Information2 documents

  • Supervisor Candidates Who Have Filed Notification of Non Candidacy
    document _recordid 345
  • Supervisor Candidate Paperwork Filed for April 5th, 2022 Election
    document _recordid 343

Spring General Election9 documents

  • Type A Notice 2023 Spring General Election
    document _recordid 3606
  • 4.5.22 Spring General Election- Polk Co Consolidated Type B, C & D official notice & ballot sample
    document _recordid 365
  • 2nd Amended Type A Notice 2021 Spring General Election
    document _recordid 364
  • Polk Type C Notice of County Referendum 4.6.21 Spring General Election
    document _recordid 363
  • Type A Notice of Polk County Referendum 4/6/2021
    document _recordid 362
  • 4.6.2021 Sample County Referendum Ballot
    document _recordid 361
  • 4.6.2021 Sample County-State Ballot
    document _recordid 360
  • Polk Type B-C Notice of of Spring General Election, Referendum & Ballot Samples
    document _recordid 359
  • Type A Notice 2022 Spring General Election
    document _recordid 358