Ready America
For more information on planning and preparing you and your family for a disaster:

Emergency Management Institute FEMA Online Training
Take a free, online class or two to learn about disasters. 

American Red Cross
A wealth of preparedness and safety information, also a great place to volunteer! 

Caring for Animals in an Emergency
Info about making sure your furry family members are ready too!

Skywarn Weather Spotter Training

in Spring 2024 Polk County is hosting two NWS Skywarn Weather Spotter Classes. Registration is at this link.
The dates are April 9 and April 10, 2024.  
For other classes in the NWS Twin Cities Coverage area, check the calendar for a class online or near you.  Classes are generally held in the spring before severe weather season.
If you cannot attend a class in person, you can view virtual a Skywarn Tornado class online, and a virtual WINTER spotter class too! 

Polk County Amateur Radio Association
Find out more about the local "Ham" club.

National Weather Service

Wisconsin DNR Flood Plain Information

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM)