Historical Rolls

We are in the process of having our old tax rolls scanned in. 
They are listed by municipality, remember that we have some Villages/Cities with the same name as a town. An example is the Town of Osceola and the Village of Osceola. The property will only be in one tax roll. 

These tax rolls start in 1942, but we may no longer have every roll for the entire County. 

These rolls are not searchable, as they are hand written into the roll. 

If you click on the link, it will bring you to a share point. There you will be able to click on a municipality and it shows for each municipality what years we have currently scanned. We are scanning some rolls every year and the share point will be updated approximately two times with the rolls that were scanned that year.

We do not have the rolls that end in 00 and 05 (example 1945, 1950) as those are sent to the Wisconsin State Historical Society per state statute. The location that our records go to is the University of WI River Falls, Chalmer Davee Library University Archives and Area Research Center. Please call them at 715-425-3567 or go to the University Archives and Area Research Center to see the information available and if they are open to the public.