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Welcome to the Treasurer's Office!

Our office can help you with a variety of information - including questions regarding real estate taxes, lottery credits, special assessments, legal descriptions and valuations. 

Use "Property Tax Search" to search our online tax records, with links to the Register of Deeds documents and Land Information GIS site.

Tax Foreclosed properties are now sold via the Land and Water Department. Any questions regarding land sales should be directed to Nicole at 715-485-8633.

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Amanda Nissen
Polk County Treasurer

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Property Tax Notice

Property taxes are due on January 31st and July 31st of each year.
January 31 -- Pay to local municipality
July 31 -- Pay to County Treasurer
The County Treasurer's Office collects all delinquent taxes and any payments made February 1st or later.

Amanda Nissen

County Treasurer
Phone: 715-485-9255
Address: 100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 150
                Balsam Lake, WI 54810


Mailing Address Change Request for Tax Statements
Use the following form to submit a mailing address change request for your tax statements. 
Assessment Information
The assessment codes will tell you what the assessor is classifying the property as. This is NOT the same as zoning. An example of the difference is that a property is ZONED residential, but is ASSESSED as both residential and commercial as the owners live in the house but also have a hair salon in the home.
Assessment Codes

Assessors are hired by each individual municipality. The treasurer's office does not have copies of assessment data, only a total assessment value.
Assessor List by Municipality
Lottery Credit
The Lottery and Gaming Credit is a credit given to Wisconsin residents who own real estate in Wisconsin that is used as their primary residence. In Polk County, the credit currently ranges from $182.81 to $350.39, depending on which school district you reside in. You are only eligible to receive the credit on the one property in the State of Wisconsin that is used as your primary residence.  You are not eligible if you claim residency in any other state.

For additional information on the Lottery and Gaming Credit, please visit: WI Department of Revenue Lottery and Gaming Credit Program Information

**NEW THIS YEAR** The WI DOR has transitioned to an e-filing system for Lottery and Gaming Credits. In 2024, you must submit your application online through the link below.

WI DOR Lottery and Gaming Credit E-Filing System The system will guide you through it.
Mill Rates
The below links will provide you with Mill Rate (tax rate) information. The Mill Rates are broken down by municipality and school district. To find a tax value, multiply the assessed value by the correct mill rate. This can also be used as an ESTIMATE for the upcoming tax year - but remember that this is only an estimate and we cannot guarantee accuracy.

Guide for Property Owners
The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has put together the Guide for Property Owners reference.
This reference contains information on assessments, tax collection, and other important issues property owners may encounter.