Pay Taxes Online

Delinquent Taxes: This service can be used any time of year.
Pay your property taxes online through this website via the link below.

We CANNOT accept payment for Personal Property taxes. Personal property taxes can only be paid to your local municipal treasurer. We also do not have the amount due for personal property taxes. That information is kept at the municipal treasurer's office. An example of personal property taxes would be: a home (usually manufactured) on a piece of property that is owned by a different person. The home would be taxes as personal property and be billed to the home owner. The land/property that the home is on is real estate and would be billed to the land owner. 


Enjoy the convenience of credit card, debit card, and e-check payments for taxes. In cooperation with the Polk County Treasurer, Point and Pay offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to pay taxes directly over the Internet or in our office during business hours (only available for delinquent and 2nd half taxes, not the taxes due Jan 31st.) *Contact your local municipal Treasurer regarding paying taxes via credit/debit card for the January payment*

Proven Safe and Reliable

This service is safe, reliable, and in accordance with all state and government regulations. In order to process your payment, Official Payments Corporation, the credit card service provider, charges a convenience fee of 2.39% for credit card and debit card payments and $1.50 for e-check payments. The fee is kept by Point and Pay. Polk County does not receive any portion of the convenience fee.

There will be a two to three day delay between making the payment online and the County receipting it into our tax system. We do go by the date/time stamp created when the payment is made, not when the funds are received in our office.

Easy Payment via Internet

To pay by credit card, debit card, or e-check via the Internet:

Use Polk County Online Tax Search Page (link below at page bottom) to pay taxes over the Internet. This link will lead you to our online tax search page. You will need to pick the parcel, year, and amount. You CANNOT pay taxes over the amount due on each parcel. You can only pay one parcel at a time. If there is no amount due, you cannot pay anything by credit card.

  • You will be able to search by name, address, parcel number. If you cannot find your parcel, reduce the amount of info you entered. If you don't have the parcel number, try just the house number or your last name.
  • When you find the property, you will need to choose the tab at the top that says "Taxes." It will default to the current year. You can change the years at the top left if you have delinquent taxes you are paying.
  • There will be a button at the bottom left of the screen that says "Make an Online Payment." When you choose that button, you will be automatically redirected to Point and Pay web site. It will automatically fill in the amount with the total amount due. You can choose to pay less, but you CANNOT pay more than is due.
  • Enter in your payment info. Continue until payment is complete.
  • Your payment is done and will show up as pending on the web site until we receive the money and post the payment. This is usually in 2 to 3 business days.

The Point and Pay system will:

  • Tell you the total of your payment, including the convenience fee
  • Obtain approval of the charge
  • Provide you with a confirmation number. Be sure to write down your confirmation number as a record of your payment. The charge will also appear on your credit card statement: the tax amount on one line, the convenience fee amount on a separate line.