VA Expands Presumptive Condition Locations and Locations for Agent Orange Exposure

BALSAM LAKE, Wisconsin, September, 21, 2022—Polk County’s Veteran’s Service Office has announced that the V.A. has seen multiple recent updates to the list of presumptive disability locations for veterans and the locations for Agent Orange exposure.

The VA’s list of presumptive conditions now applies to veterans who served any time in several new locations, following the new PACT Act of 2022. These locations include the cleanup of Enewetak Atoll from January 1, 1977—December 31, 1980, the cleanup of the Air Force B052 bomber carrying nuclear weapons off the coast of Palomares, Spain from January 17, 1966—March 31, 1967, and the response to the fire aboard an Air Force B-52 bomber carrying nuclear weapons near Thule Air Force Base in Greenland from January 21, 1968—September 25, 1968.

The VA has also expanded the list of locations recognized for Agent Orange exposure. Now included are any U.S. or Royal Thai military base in Thailand from January 9, 1962—June 30, 1976, Laos from December 1, 1965—September 30, 1969, Cambodia at Mimot or Krek, Kampong Cham Province from April 16, 1969—April 30, 1969, Guam or American Samoa or in the territorial waters off of Guam or American Samoa from January 9, 1962—July 30, 1980, and the Johnston Atoll or on a ship that called at Johnston Atoll from January 1, 1972—September 30, 1977.

If you are a veteran, the Polk County Veteran’s Service Office recommends stopping by if it has been more than five years since your last visit, or if you haven’t ever visited. The presumptive diseases associated with military service changes and expands with each year as more information is learned.

“We encourage veterans to contact our office so that we may review your specific situation to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled to,” said Gail Wassberg, Benefit Specialist.

The Polk County Veteran’s Service Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm, and can be reached at 715-485-9243.