Just Released - New Beacon Land Records Online Portal

POLK COUNTY, Wisconsin, December, 12, 2023—Polk County has partnered with Applied Data Consultants (ADC) for 16 years using various versions of their WebGuide online platform to serve our Land Records to the public. The WebGuide application has successfully served the needs of the county and their stakeholders.  However, due to a business model change, ADC sold their platform to Schneider Geospatial. Since all good things eventually come to an end, we were excited to now partner with Schneider Geospatial to host our Land Records on their Beacon platform. Along with serving up our GIS (map), survey tie sheets, and tax roll records, the new platform includes a real property Sales Search and Survey Index Search. The current WebGuide Extreme (WGX) platform will retire on December 22, 2023.

To use the new Beacon platform, please visit our Maps webpage and go under Interactive Maps, or directly access the new Beacon Online Portal Platform.

Platform Demonstration: A Beacon product demonstration will be held on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, 11:00AM-Noon central.  Please sign up and attend the demo to learn more about Beacon. The demo will be recorded and will be posted for viewing.

Beacon Press Release