Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a recovery-oriented program that assists individuals in designing a plan of mental health and/or substance abuse supports and services to promote their journey of making their lives better!

Our clinic is working in collaboration with the Western Region Recovery and Wellness Consortium as part of a multi-county program. This is a recovery-oriented program in which individuals direct their own services with the support of a service facilitator. 

The CCS model is designed for consumers that would like more than traditional outpatient MH/AODA services, but do not need the intensity of the Community Support Program (CSP).

The consumer could be a person of any age with either a mental health disorder or a substance abuse disorder (or both), AND be in need of on-going, comprehensive services to minimize the effects of their disorder and maximize their independent functioning. The program is available to individuals on Medical Assistance and who meet MH/AODA Functional Screen eligibility.

General Description of CCS

Consumers that are enrolled in CCS will receive assistance in meeting basic needs such as housing, benefits and physical care. In addition, CCS consumers will also have the ability to use their Medical Assistance to obtain many new forms of services that were not previously covered to support them in their journey of recovery.

CCS provides a great deal of consumer choice regarding how supports and services are delivered. The consumer is the center of a team that will decide what types of supports and services are needed to assist them in reaching their goals.

Recovery Oriented

Consumers who enroll in CCS are assisted in identifying who they would like on their Recovery Team. The team consists of the consumer, the service facilitator and any other formal or natural support person that the consumer wishes to be involved in designing their plan of support.

The consumer identifies their goals and is actively involved in the team process of deciding if any supports and services need to be purchased to supplement what is available in the community or through their natural support system. If the support or service needs to be purchased through Medical Assistance, the consumer has the opportunity to choose from a network of providers. If a desired provider is not on the list, the Service Facilitator will attempt to arrange for them to be added to the network.

CCS offers a variety of services based on identified needs. These may include: employment training, money management training, social and coping skills training, peer support and consumer rights and advocacy training, and more. Assistance will also occur to arrange for traditional services such as counseling, therapy and day treatment programs.

Interested In CCS?

Please call 715.485.8400 or email to request services or to set up an appointment

Polk County Wisconsin Behavioral Health Department
100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 180
Balsam Lake WI 54810

Upper Parking Lot

Once you are in the building walk straight forward through the long hallway past the vending machines. You will pass an elevator on your left, enter the first door on your left after the elevator. This door leads you to the Community Services reception area.