Campgrounds and Recreational/Educational Camps


Any parcel or tract of land owned by a person, the state or a local government, which is designed, maintained, intended or used for the purpose of providing sites for nonpermanent overnight use by four or more camping units, or by one to three camping units if the parcel or tract of land is represented as a campground.

Special event campground means a single event such as a fair, rally or festival involving the gathering of camping units for a maximum of seven consecutive nights.

Recreational/Educational Camps

A premises, including temporary and permanent structures, that is operated as an overnight living quarters where both food and lodging or facilities for food and lodging are provided for children or adults or both children and adults for a planned program of recreation or education, and that is offered free of charge or for payment of a fee by a person or by the state or local unit of government. A Rec/Ed camp does NOT include any of the following:

  • An overnight planned program of recreation or education for adults or families at an establishment holding a current hotel or motel or restaurant permit. Although camping or RV use could require a special event campground license.
  • An overnight planned program of recreation or education for less than four consecutive nights and without permanent facilities for food and lodging. This activity may require special event licensing.
  • An overnight planned program for credit at an accredited academic institution of higher education.
  • A tournament, competition, visitation, recruitment, campus conference or professional sports team training camp.

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  • Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter ATCP 79 – Campgrounds
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