Community Health Assessment: This is a comprehensive assessment that identifies the top health priorities of Polk County and the process used to determine those priorities.

The top three priorities are:

  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Substance Abuse

Community Health Improvement Plan: This is a comprehensive 5 year plan that addresses how the PCHD, its partners, and the county will work to address the health priorities identified in the Community Health Assessment.

Polk United's mission is to engage stakeholders who will take collaborative action to create a healthier Polk County. To learn more visit

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Community Health Assessment1 document

  • 2022 Community Health Assessment

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)4 documents

  • 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
  • Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
  • Healthy Polk County 2020 vs 2014-2016
  • Healthiest Polk County 20151

CHNA/CHIP6 documents

  • 2019 Community Health Improvement Plan
  • 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Healthy Polk County 2020
  • Polk County Community Health Needs Assessment 2016
  • 2017 Update to the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
  • Healthiest Wisconsin 2020