Public Swimming Pools

A public swimming pool is a pool used for wading, swimming, diving, water recreation or therapy, except a pool serving fewer than three residences such as homes or apartments that are used by the owner or persons making the property their primary residence. A public swimming pool includes a pool installed in a "place of employment", or in a "public building", and any pool used on a regular basis by persons other than the residents. A public swimming pool includes but is not limited to a pool serving or installed for the state or any political subdivision of the state; a pool serving or installed at a motel, hotel, tourist rooming house, bed and breakfast establishment, campground, camp, club, association, housing development or school, or a religious, charitable or youth organization; a mobile pool; and a pool at an educational or rehabilitative institution. Included in the meaning of a "public swimming pool" are buildings, equipment and appurtenances, irrespective of whether or not a fee is charged for their use.

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Public Swimming Pools3 documents

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  • Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter ATCP 76 – Safety, Maintenance and Operation of Public Swimming Pools
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