Fit Families

Families identify health habits they want to improve for their child and/or family. Fit Families is available to families who have a 2 to 4 years old.

  • Parents select 1 of 3 common health goals: 
    1. Make Every Bit Count...More Fruits and Vegetables! 
    2. Move More...Watch Less!
    3. Make Every Sip Count...More Healthy Beverages! 
  • Families' efforts to make health changes are rewarded by incentives or prizes!  
  • A Fit Families Coach provides monthly contacts by phone, email or text for support as families make these lifestyle changes. 

How to Enroll in Fit Families: 

  • Sign up with your WIC dietitian at you next WIC appointment. 
  • Or call 715-485-8520 for more information.