Tobacco Prevention & Control

Black Logo with CountiesThe Western Wisconsin Tobacco-Free Alliance (WWTFA) is a Multi-Jurisdiction Coalition (MJC) that includes five counties in Western Wisconsin; Burnett, Pierce, Polk, Rusk and St. Croix. With the help of our coalition partners and members, we are encouraging people to in our communities to live tobacco-free. We support reaching toward a healthier Wisconsin, one that embraces tobacco-free communities! Partners, members, youth, health officials, community members, volunteers, and many more from all walks of life have come together to work on improving the health of Western Wisconsin.

Our mission at WWTFA is to prevent, reduce exposure to, and eliminate the use of tobacco products in Burnett, Pierce, Polk, Rusk and St. Croix counties through policy work, education and informational/service efforts.

The goal of WWTFA is to create a healthier, tobacco-free, culture where people live and work. We hope that an increased awareness of the health risks of tobacco will lead to more personal involvement of community members, which will create a better place for everyone to live.

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